Crazy for Cryoskin!

Are you looking for a treatment that can freeze fat cells, boost collagen production, and improve skin appearance all without involving surgery, pain, or downtime? You might think that treatment doesn’t exist but we’re here to tell you it does! Get ready to go crazy for Cryoskin! What is Cryoskin? Cryoskin is a type of treatment that involves a cooling technology that freezes and destroys fat cells, reducing fat instantly! Cryoskin is safe, effective, and painless! It eliminates the fat cells without damaging any of the surrounding tissue and increases your oxygen supply. There are a couple of different types of Cryoskin offered at Vital Rejuvenation!

CryoSlimming uses thermoelectric cooling to freeze fat cells, killing subcutaneous fat without damaging the skin! Cryoslimming is ideal for areas like the stomach, back, arms, or thighs!

CryoToning helps diminish the appearance of cellulite, fine lines, and wrinkles. The treatment is only 20 minutes long in which cold technology is applied to the treated area causing metabolism and microcirculation to improve. This results in reduced cellulite, increased collagen, and increased skin elasticity. Cryotoning is great for the stomach, thighs, love handles, buttocks, arms, or anywhere you’re looking to decrease cellulite and increase tone.

Benefits of Cryoskin

If you’re looking to decrease cellulite, increase skin firmness, muscle tone, and confidence, then Cryoskin could be the perfect treatment for you!

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